Thursday, April 14, 2011

SP1: Storyboards

Storyboards for the first piece I'm going to be doing for my Senior Project 1 class.

I'm aiming for a 30 second animation and so far I have 18 storyboards..I may edit the story to be a tad short but I will be doing this as a cut-out animation so it might not be as much work as it seems

1- Pan down showing the sky and a dragon flying by and stop at the little fat dragon sitting and watching.

2- Fat Dragon looks at his tiny wings with a sigh.

3- Fat Dragon Gets determined

4- And runs off camera

5- Dragon is running across a field as fast as he can

6- Dragon squats down and jumps up

7- Slow motion of the Dragon 'flying' and being very happy

8 - Pull back to reveal he isn't moving and is only barely above the ground.

9 - Dragon looks down, realizing he isn't flying before falling on his face

10 - Close up as the Dragon starts sniffling

11- Dragon starts to cry and as he is crying, little sparks of fire start to come from his snout.

12 - As the dragon is crying, he starts to breath a lot of fire that pushes him back up to his feet.

13- Dragon realizes

14 - Dragon plots

15 - Dragon takes a deep breath, building up a breath of fire

16 - Dragon breathes as much fire as he can

17 - The fire jets the dragon off the ground and out of the frame

18 - The dragon is seen 'flying' in the background with a huge plume of fire pushing him through the air

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