Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disney doodles

I've been a tad stressed out so decided to turn to something that always cheers me up, Disney! Doodled the faeries while watching the new Tinkerbell movie (which all three of them are actually very good.) Doodled a rather unimpressive Jasmine than decided to learn how to draw Rapunzel. I'm trying really hard to like this Tangled movie...but I love the concept art exceedingly more than anything else I've seen from it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Abe Sapien doodles

Abe Sapien is my favourite Hellboy character and as much as I draw Hellboy, I've only drawn Abe once before and it didn't look all that great. I decided it time to change that so I did some Abe doodles during class one day.

Doodles a little Guy Davis styled Abe to try and get a feel for his head shape first. Than tried him in my style.

An idea that's been rolling around in my head for a while. That iconic Creature of the Black Lagoon pose with Abe and a woman in an old school white bathing suit. I would have drawn him in full BPRD getup but I don't remember what it looks like.

Lunch doodles

More doodles while having lunch in my new favorite spot.

Inspired by this really nifty stairwell outside the windows of Tin Drum. They lead up to the second story of the shopping area and there's a handful of them throughout the whole complex. I really liked the little half moon shape and thought it looked like some crazy Queen Amidala headdress. So I doodled a bizarre outfit that I started off being really into but than just kinda grew indifferent.

Felt like drawing something, adorable, tiny and naked. So I drew a faerie. The end.

Self-portrait via the reflection of my laptop. I didn't quite capture the essence of my favourite shirt. However, my face is pretty much that stupid looking and my hair that messy.

Enivornment doodles

Some super rough background practice I did of stuff around me while I go and have lunch on Thursdays. There's this really cute chopping complex right up the street from Perimeter mall I found a few weeks ago and now it's my favorite place ever. I wasn't going for perfection with these, in fact, the last two I barely lifted my pencil.