Saturday, April 23, 2011

For Granny

My Granny has been in the hospital lately with liver disease and I drew her up a little cartoon of little me and her with some of her cats. This is the sketch. I did a nice inked version but didn't get a chance to scan it. I was hoping to colour it but we were running late to go visit her as it was.

The last week has been really rough but we're feeling optimistic.

I was four off on the amount of cats but I just wanted to get in the ones that I remember the most (who are now passed) The two my Granny is petting are Missy and Puss Puss, the one rubbing against her leg is Purr Purr. The fat one I'm petting that is sitting up is Mikey Mikey Motercycie and the cat peeking out from behind the sofa is Booger. The rest are just generic because I couldn't remember anyone else.

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