Friday, July 23, 2010

The Old, the young and the ugly

Some more sketches from my Digital Ink and paint. The first one is my character I decided on, Biddy. Her complete turnaround can be found on my DA. Than I sketched some more adorable old people and the first doodle I did of the kid wearing his dad's clothes trying to pretend he's a cop. Than I doodled a orge while I was scanning all these.

Cartoony style sketches

Some sketches for one of my classes, Digital Ink and Paint. We had to design a few cartoon cartoons influenced by different styles.

First Page: A little kid wearing his dads cloths inspired by Sunny paper stuff like Family Circus. A girl I didn't like inspired by Dee-Dee from Dexter's Lab and a nifty little Samurai guy inspired by Cheeks Galloway's style.

Second Page: Bruce Timm inspired James Bond type chick, weird kid in a dinosaur costume inspired by Adventure Time, an Elvis superhero pseudo-inspired by Johnny Bravo style but not really. Than just an adorable Nosferatu.

Third Page: Space girl inspired by retro pin-ups like the kind by Mashi and Amy Mebberson. A 1920s take on Tex Avery's Red, an Edna Mode type older lady and the shoulder devil and angel.

Fourth Page: Some horror cartoons. Totally didn't mean to draw the zombie and werewolf in the exact same pose. The Fat Werewolf comes from a joke my mom and I were making while watching True Blood (I admit it..I watch it). Apparently only gorgeous, well built people become werewolves and vampires.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Female Gestures 26

Last post of gestures from this class! Sorry I posted a gazillion times tonight guys. I really wanted to get these up so I can get to other stuff that isn't naked people.

All these poses very from 5 to 20 minutes. Not proud of some of these but oh well

Female Gestures 25

First post of the last batch of gestures from my adv. drawing class. These were all poses from a minute to 5 minutes long

Open Life Drawing

My school has open life drawing sessions and I decided to swing by for one for about an hour before one of my classes. All these poses were 10 minutes I believe.

Female Gestures 24

Last bit with this model. Last of the short poses as well as the long poses were we had to focus on shading and so forth

Female Gestures 23

Half 30 second gestures and the start of some longer poses. This model brought her own props and that always made for really interesting poses.

Female Gestures 22

30 second poses of the second to last session for this class.

Male Gestures 21

Poses ranging from 5 minutes until 20 minutes. Professor wanted us to focus on shading and tone.

Male Gestures 20

30 second and 1 minute gestures of our last male model for the quarter

Female Gestures 21

Last batch for this model Her longest poses. Mostly around 10 minutes.

Female Gestures 20

Last of the 30 seconds with this model and onto one minutes. She does better with slightly longer poses

Female Gestures 19

More 30 second poses