Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Break

A little bit of a break between Senior Project posts.

Being that I am a full grown adult that watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and have been obsessed with MLP since I was a child, I HAD to draw some of my toys in the Faust style. For any that actually watch the show, I have an original Generation 1, Year 2 Twilight Sparkle from 1983. Recently found out that her tail has fallen out while she has been up in the attic. Rather depressed by that...She wasn't in the greatest condition anyway \:

There is Lemon Drop (1982, was apart of a Show Stable set) and Moonstone (G1, Year 2 1983) at the top--my Lemon Drop toy is actually missing her tail and was always the guy when I played with her.. Moonstone on the other hand is my bathroom buddy and is probably the most well kept of my ponies. She's my absolute favourite.

Next too are Up, Up & Away (G1, Year 5 1986) and Cotton Candy (G1, Year 7 1988)

Two more MLP doodles. Sunspot (G1, Year 7 1988) and my infamous Bridal Beauty (G1 Year 10, 1991) Bridal Beauty was one of the first ponies I actually remember being bought--most of the ponies from the 80s were second hand from cousins or my brothers friends. I was very little when I received Bridal Beauty and called her 'Fridal Fruity' since I couldn't say her name. I immediantly lost the ring that came with her. Her bouquet and veil, however, are still with her :)

Drawn while watching 'Game of Thrones'

Was goobering around on a Cintiq and a friend requested a buff unicorn versus a dragon.

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