Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Warrior Rainbow Brite

The other day I was watching 'Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers' and was know, there are enjoy sexy renditions of Rainbow Brite out there. Where are all the bad-ass Rainbow Brites? I mean, she is the ruler of Rainbowland and has to protect it from darkness. She's like a 8 year old warrior queen.

So I decided to sketch up this warrior queen version of Rainbow Brite based off the poster of 'Star Stealers'.

Her outfit ended up looking more like Asian Battle armour and I decided to go the route of Native American warhorses with Starlite. I was debating medieval horse armour but since Rainbow never even puts a saddle on Starlite, I felt a Native American approach was more appropriate.

These are the flats and I'll be adding some basic shading as well as 'battle damage'

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  1. wow I was just thinking the same thing even posted something about it in one of the Masters of the Universe Classics customizing groups... I agree I want to see a warrior Queen version of Rainbow Brite, (my first true crush) I think the whole world would lend itself to both the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and She-ra Princess of Power Universes. and seeing this only solidifies it